[muscle] VS: my proposal for vc++.net settings

  • From: "David Svanberg" <ds@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 20 Aug 2003 13:52:20 +0200

I've recognized that attachments to the mailing list wasn't the best way to
distribute new files... Sorry.

Those that wants these files in order to evaluate them can notify me by
sending an e-mail to ds@xxxxxxxxxxx and I will e-mail the files back to you
(4 files - 23KB).


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Sendt: 20. august 2003 13:44
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Emne: [muscle] my proposal for vc++.net settings

Here is my proposal for vc++.net settings.
muscle.sln consists of the following projects:

- muscle.vcproj, has the following configurations: Release ST
(output:muscle-st.lib), Release MT (output:muscle-mt.lib), Debug ST
(output:muscle-std.lib), Debug MT (output:muscle-mtd.lib)
- admin.vcproj, has configuration Release ST (output:admin.exe)
- muscled.vcproj, has configuration Release ST (output:muscled.exe)

I have two questions though:

1. These settings compile the muscle-st*.lib (Release ST and Debug ST) with
the SINGLE_THREADED_ONLY compiler flag. Is this correct?

2. For the Single-Threaded configurations (Release ST and Debug ST) I have
removed the RS232DataIo.o and Thread.o from the build because both these
uses threads - Is this correct or should there be some #defines in the code?



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