[muscle] Re: SV: Re: VitViper (was: Re: macromedia 'multiuserserver' conversion to muscle)

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  • Date: Tue, 24 Feb 2004 10:19:05 +0200

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> Kids.
> Could you please answer the macromedia 'multiuser' guy=20
> instead. I'm not into the macromedia 'multiuser'-thing, so I=20
> don't know.

For your information, I will be 25 years old in just a week, so I don't
consider being child in any way anymore. I don't like to start or =
any fight, but if someone directly attacks at myself, I will surely =

I don't myself either play with Macromedia "crap", so I wouldn't know =
how to
help, I'm more into translation stuff than coding.

> /D

Mika T. Lindqvist
FieldNet Association=20

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