[muscle] SV: Namespaces and QT's connect macro.

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  • Date: Wed, 15 Oct 2003 13:33:49 +0200

I figured out that I could use muscle in my own namespace, i.e.

namespace myFantasticLibrary { using namespace muscle; }

It seems to fix my frustration.


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Emne: [muscle] Namespaces and QT's connect macro.

Hello folks.

Qt seems to have some limitations in its connect-macro. It can't handle
namespaces. Think of the following:

*** EXAMPLE 1 ***
QMessageTransceiverThread _mtt;
connect( &_mtt, SIGNAL( MessageReceived( MessageRef, const String& ) ),
SLOT( messageReceived( MessageRef, const String& ) ) );

This works just fine. But what happens if you write a library where you
don't want to make the namespace muscle public to everyone.

*** EXAMPLE 2 ***
QMessageTransceiverThread _mtt;
connect( &_mtt, SIGNAL( MessageReceived( muscle::MessageRef, const
muscle::String& ) ), SLOT( messageReceived( muscle::MessageRef, const
muscle::String& ) ) );

Since the MessageReecevied method in QMessageTransceiverThread.h is defined

void MessageReceived(MessageRef msg, const String & sessionID);

Qt will not understand that MessageRef and muscle::MessageRef is the same
class!!! It parses the string and compares "MessageRef" ==

Qt is in this case stupid. OK, this isn't the forum to blaim Qt, but I would
like to suggest a work-around in MUSCLE until Trolltech understands that
they sometimes are humans:

All signals in QMessageTransceiverThread should have fully qualified names.

What do you guys think of this? What does this approach destroy?

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