[muscle] MUSCLE client API for Delphi

  • From: "Matt Emson" <memsom@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <muscle@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 3 Jul 2005 20:48:15 +0100

Recently it's become important for me to get the MUSCLE API running in
Delphi again (I had said publicly I was working on it, but that fell through
for internal political reasons at work..) I now have a far more reasonable
job, and a few good projects that would suit a MUSCLE style
publish/subscribe style interface. I have started to look at my previous
work, and now seemingly have a working Message class (as in I have created a
Pascal message instance,  flattened the message to disk and then used the
C++ readmessage tool to test unflattening it. It worked just fine. I have
now ported the MessageIOGateway java class and will knock up a basic
MessageTranceiver tomorrow.Hopefully, I can get vanilla message going to the
server and reflecting to clients tomorrow. When that's done, It'll then be a
case of writing a proof of concept basic BeShare client (just text chat) and
then I'll submit the code to Jeremy.

On that note: Jeremy, my stuff is based on the Java API (as it is far
simpler to convert to Delphi).. are there any issues you can forsee with
this version of the API? I'm assuming you use little-endian encoding -
mainly because the test app returns the right numbers when sent flattened
integers. I have converted all the byteswapping routines from the C++ API -
am I going to need to use any of these? Also, did anyone ever expand the
Java API past the PortableMessage/MessageIOGateway/MessageTranceiver holy
trinity? Are there any other IOGateway or protocols implemented? I guess I
could grab the code for JavaShare and take a gander..

More info when I plough through the final part of the coding ;-)


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