[muscle] Re: JavaShare bug report

  • From: "Bryan Varner" <bryanv@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: muscle@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 23 Mar 2004 20:56:45 -0600 CST

Um, for the record... my email address is bryan@xxxxxxxxxxxxx or the 
one I'm sending from now (which is really just a spam magnet these 

These are odd problems to be having. And are things I don't think I've 
ever expirenced. Of course, my setup has changed a bit since the 2.0 
release.... (new network layout due to new apartment...)

If you could email me your firewalled settings / any additional 
information you can supply (like what beshare version, etc.) would be 
helpful as well.

I'm not surprised that it misbehaves. :-)


> "Michael Armida" <be-lists@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > Hello MUSCLE-land,
> > 
> > Sorry for the poor topicality of the message: this is intended for 
> > Bryan Varner, author of JavaShare, as I can't get in touch with him 
> > more directly.
> > 
> > I ran into a problem downloading from a JavaShare client today - 
> > haven't done the most thorough of diagnoses, as I'm experiencing it 
> > from the BeShare end, but if I start downloading a set of files 
> > from 
> > a 
> > JavaShare client that contains files I've already downloaded, it 
> > starts 
> > comparing, declares it finished, and then runs into an error.  If I 
> > select individual files, it works.
> At my place, using BeShare and downloading from people who are using 
> JavaShare, downloads finish and restart, creating duplicates in a 
> seemingly endless loop. Not sure if it's only on MacOS X, or if it 
> happens all the time or only for some cathegory of files.
> /Jonas Sundstr=C3=B6m.                    www.kirilla.com

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