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Imagine a PthreadMessageTransceiverThread.


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Emne: muscle + Qt + console apps

Hi guys, thanks for all answers! I really appreciate them.

Well, I'm having some problems with my MessageTransceiverThread. Previously
I used Win32MessageTransceiverThread with success, but since I figured out I
wanted to support Linux the only alternative I could figure out was to use
Qt, and hence QMessageTransceiverThread.

Then Qt started to frustrate me. Qt's event loop works nicely in GUI based
applications where everything is event-based. But my little application do
not need any cool buttons to start executing, it should just plain and
simply run. How do I do this?

int main( int argc, char** argv )
  muscle complete setup system
  QApplication qApp( argc, argv, false ); // console
  my way to connect to server need Qt event loop
  return qApp.exec( ); // started way to late!

Any ideas?

Is there another alternative to QMessageTransceiverThread to "muscle"

Best Regards,
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