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  • Date: Fri, 7 Oct 2005 00:19:08 +1000

Jonathan and Sam, Thank you for bringing us such a lovely evening. Good work 
and excellent organization of the nite!! well done!
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  Hey Boys and Girls,


  Just to let you know the results of our trivia night:


    a.. Drinks and chips cost us $521 
    b.. The prize, of course, cost us $500 
    c.. We made a PROFIT of $925 

  So we must have sold tickets to the value of $1946


  Now I know there's some accounting weirdness going on there because 97.3 
tickets are hard to sell but counting from the raffle tickets, there were 
exactly 100 people present. So that's an excellent result even if the 
bookkeeping went a little hectic.


  Cheers to Endi, Eric, Marwan and Erika (and Erika's sister) for your help on 
the night. Thanks to Marwan and Robin for the prize donations. Thanks to Brian 
for making the tickets and to Mark for the posters. Thanks to Sam for being a 
clown and running the games. Thanks to team for coming along and thanks to all 
those from support who sold tickets, brought along friends, put up posters and 
if I've forgotten anyone, let me know so I can thank you!


  Anyway, thanks to all for a great night.






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