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  • From: "Eric D" <hideme666@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 21 May 2004 14:14:25 -0400

Oh boy, Terry up to his old tricks again!!!

Satisfying customers whilst charging very reasonable (perhaps *too* 
reasonable?) prices. What an absolute gem of a tech!

This sounds very much like when I had the shift key stick on my SE's "short" 
ADB keyboard back in 1992 or 1993. Saltspring Software and the other Mac 
joint in London at the time wanted $100 JUST TO LOOK at it (a KEYBOARD). A 
new keyboard would've cost $140 from Mac Warehouse. Terry fixed the keyboard 
for a grand total of $6. $2 for a new switch and $4 for 5 minutes of work 
(IIRC he charged $40/hour at the time). Anyway, a few thousand $$$ of 
hardware and many referrals later I'm still as satisfied as ever by his work 
and wares. Recently my partner's laptop took a spill (trip and fall) and the 
power connector/sound card for her Lombard broke. CPUsed (the ripoff 
a$$holes) charged us $75 JUST to look at it and tell us what I had told them 
and they would charge an additional $300 for the part for a grand total of 
$375 to repair a laptop that was probably only worth $500 on EBay! Terry 
fixed it for $40 and the laptop is still humming away, a year later.

PS my advice is to NEVER go to CPUsed/PCUsed (Toronto) for service UNLESS 
it's under AppleCare warrantee -- I have seen another person get ripped off 
to the tune of $75 and ALL THE DATA on his laptop drive (I was asked to be a 
witness for the things that the repair department told the man and what he 
told them... incompetent and LYING idiots (that was the worst part of it... 
since I was a third party I was impartial but I was shocked by the unethical 
behaviour)... he did end up getting satisfaction (they were going to charge 
*him* for wiping his hardware) but only after threatening legal action)).

>Jim Taylor wrote:
> > It's new Martin and a good one. It just ate some paper and I can't seem 
> > free it up. jim
>Ahh!  Given the price of printers these days you'd think they
>were throw away items.  I have an older HP laser (5MP about 6
>years old?) not the fastest, not the sharpest but consistent.  I
>had some problems with it not picking up paper.  Took it up to
>Terry Steeper in Parkhill.  After figuring out what caused the
>problem (a clutch mechanism) all it took to repair it was a
>plastic tie (the kind that self ratchets?).  Parts alone from HP
>were going to be about $80 to $110 and then tech time on top of
>that. I spoke to Mac Outpost after it started misbehaving and
>tech time was I think $60 an hour.  I think I spent about $30 at
>Terry's and got a few new parts thrown in.
>It doesn't look elegant but you can't see the repair when the
>covers are all on.  In watching Terry I learned how to take it
>apart too which came in handy later when some labels got gummed
>up inside. That was fun cleaning those out!!  I had forgotten to
>drop the rear tray which allows a straight through paper path
>with no rollers to reverse the direction.
>It may be that there is a piece of paper caught somewhere that
>you can't quite see.  Have you tried taking it apart yourself to
>see? (not under warranty tho).
>Others' suggestions have been good so I won't add to those

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