[muglo] Re: os8.6 problems

  • From: "Eric D." <hideme666@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <muglo@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 20 Apr 2003 16:53:02 -0400

on 18/4/03 12:08 PM, Tee Cashmore at tee.cashmore@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> Hi Alex,
> IMHO  O/S 8.6 is one of the best, so many improvements over 8.1 &
> 7.55 before that. Having said that, Eric will no doubt chip in with his
> disagreements, but I know Terry Steeper likes 8.6.
> 9.... is quite a bit different from 8.6 7 requires a lot more
> memory. As to Stuffit I'm sure that I have older versions around; 5 &
> 5.5 ring a bell; but "msn" I wouldn't know, I always trash the Microsoft
> stuff on contact!
> TeeC

You got it... I'll chip in.

8.6 is pretty good -- personally, I'd rather run 9.1, or 9.2.2 but that's
because quite a bit of software requires 9.1 and OS 9 is a little less
quirky in my experience (of course, I haven't used OS 9 for anything in over
three months now -- OS X may be a little sluggish on the GUI, but the
multitasking and the complete stability simply make OS 9 look like a Windows
3.1 computer).

9 vs. 8.6 = no difference IMNSHO for RAM usage on a 24 MB computer!

'<120 MHz
<20 7.6.1 or 7.5.5.
20-48 8.1
(32)40-1024 8.6 (are there computers that can take 1.5 GB that can run 8.6?)
'>120 MHz
48-1536 9.1 or 9.2.2

That said, 8.6 has a lot of legacy code removed so, it can be faster than
8.1, and, for slower (<120 MHz) computers with *enough* RAM it's a better
speed choice than 9.1 (>120 MHz the overhead is negligible).

In 24 MB of RAM I would recommend 8.1 unless you absolutely need 8.6 to run
a piece of software (it seems to me that you needed 8.6 to run MSN
Messenger?... I'd have a dual-boot setup with 8.1 for everyday work, and 8.6
for MSN Messanging... you won't be able to do anything else at the same

The reason I would preferentially run 8.1 over 8.6 is that 8.6 has a
footprint of 36 MB (VM off) whereas 8.1 has a much smaller one (10 MB?).
Turning on VM will reduce 8.6's but it'll still leave relatively little room
for running apps in 24. 9.1 has nearly the same footprint as 8.6 but it has
a greater CPU overhead (so it's not good for slower 'puters).

PS If you do go for 8.5/6 *don't* go for 8.5.x -- 8.6 fixed a lot of serious


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