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  • To: MUGLO Online MUGLO Online <muglo@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 5 Apr 2007 09:20:54 -0400

> I am a previous PC user.  I just bought a Mac Book and I am having  
> a hard time "flipping".  I am unalbe to access certain websites  
> that I need to do work on.  I cannot back up my files on our home  
> wireless net work. Even though all the other PCs in the house can  
> "see" my computer I cannot see them.  Help.  I am in "I hate Mac  
> mode" and am considering selling and going back to my PC.

1) Some sites persist in using non-standard Microsoft protocols. Try  
Firefox if Safari is failing you.
2) Check the 'Network' and 'Sharing' preference panes under Apple  
Menu/System Preferences. Without seeing your setup ourselves it's  
hard to help but there might be some clues there about what's going  
on. Likely you have not turned on sharing or haven't turned on  
Windows sharing in the Sharing preferences pane.


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