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True, but not always the Responder's fault. I remember someone asking  
how to email a 'bunch' of pictures. A number of questions immediately  
come to mind:
1. Does bunch fall somewhere between 'few' and 'hoard'?
2. Is this really a question of overcoming server bandwidth  
3. Do they not know which keystrokes are used for multiple selections?
4. Do they have an SD drive with picture files and not know how to  
5. Do they think the 'email' button in iPhoto is just a trap?

More recently, someone asked if upgrading to Snow Leopard required  
purchasing a virus scanning program. The short answer, of course, is  
no. If you didn't need one with Leopard, you don't need one after  
upgrading. There was lots of good advice about running Windows on a  
Mac and using virus scanners to protect PC email recipients, but that  
was not the question and just confused the issue.

On Dec 12, 2009, at 12:56 PM, joseph nolan wrote:

> As is often the advice of muglo members.
> Happy holidays..
> Joe Nolan
> On 2009-12-12, at 12:24 PM, Doug Bale wrote:
>> The "words to live by" are virtually never their own, and seldom  
>> significant ?  the e-mail equivalent of bumper stickers.
>> --- On Thu, 12/10/09, Hawk <taylorc547@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> . . . t most of the email my wife gets from fellow principals has  
>> short "words to live  by" attached. How is that done?
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