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  • From: Dave Knight <dave@xxxxxxx>
  • To: muglo@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 8 Jun 2010 18:42:47 -0400

Just as memory and hard disk requirements are always increasing, so are the 
cost of these commodities always decreasing, further the cost that Apple 
charges for either is nigh on extortion. I suggest getting what you need today 
and no more, and then give the machine a new lease on life a couple of years 
down the line with what will then be a cheap upgrade. 

For example, here's the prices on the Canadian Apple Store for the memory and 
disk options on the 27" iMac


Apple charges $1050 to upgrade the default 4GB of RAM to the maximum of 16GB, 
MemoryTen charge $170 per 4GB SODIMM, ie $680. 

Apple charges $275 to upgrade the default 1TB disk to 2TB, you can get a 2TB 
Seagate drive from TigerDirect for $100.


On 2010-06-08, at 6:22 PM, Doug Bale wrote:

> As big as you can get, Jim. Sooner or later even that's not going to be 
> enough, but better later than sooner.
> On 8-Jun-10, at 11:44 AM, jim taylor wrote:
>> If you were ordering a new iMac online given your druthers how would you 
>> configure it above the base? How much memory, for instance? Hard drive? jim
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