[muglo] Re: VPC (was- Re: OS X Upgrade)

  • From: "Eric D" <hideme666@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: muglo@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 26 Jul 2003 21:05:18 -0400

By the sounds of it you have bad RAM, a bad CPU or a poorly ventilated 
machine (in order of most common reasons for kernel panics IIRC). I haven't 
seen reports of instability on older CPUs for 10.2.6 but perhaps you have 
some unusual hardware that is causing problems? OS X is much less tolerant 
of cheap hardware than is OS 9 (a good thing IMO... I'd rather spend a 
paltry extra 50% on RAM to get a 100% stable computer)!!!

To what are you referring when you say "upgrade chip"? Do you mean extra RAM 
or an upgraded CPU. If it's RAM, I would suggest pulling it and seeing if 
that gets rid of your OS X crashes (you can run OS X in 128 MB of RAM for 
testing purposes).

Also, what do you mean with crashes or OS X needs to be restarted as often 
as OS 9?

In the lingo of OS X an OS crash *only* refers to a kernel panic (when the 
instructions appear on the screen) (or some other form of complete computer 
freeze... if that happens more than once in a blue you have hardware or heat 
problems) that requires the three finger salute or a press of the reset 
button (or, I guess for some computers, turning off power).

Just as an FYI: the last kernel panic that I had was 7-April :) :) :) (I 
know I've had at least one "Classic" crash... that's what I like to call 
it... my screen goes all funy and Classic "burns" into the screen).

Applications can crash quite safely independently of each other (which is 
the beauty of protected memory). PS get the latest Camino if you haven't 
already done so. I initially hated Safari's GUI but now it's my default 
browser (tabs rule!). If the white bothers you, try turning down the 
brightness on your monitor.

If you are getting random kernel panics chances are you have problematic 
hardware. My B&W was were pretty stable even in OS X 10.1.5 (much more 
stable than OS 9.1/9.2.2). With OS X 10.2 things were pretty stable except 
for faulty RAM. I threw in a 256 MB RAM chip and would get kernel panics if 
I pushed my computer on hot days (so... rather than go through the hassle of 
getting another chip (so much trouble, eh) I simply didn't push my computer 
hard on warm days)... also, JewelToy would cause the computer to crash 
(JewelToy really pushed the RAM hard).

On my PB G3 I literally *never* am forced to restart the computer because of 
a crash. Once in a blue moon (month or so) I will restart the computer b/c a 
component of the GUI has gone funny (but, usually if I'm patient the problem 
fixes itself... OS X will often automagically kill and relaunch components 
that crash).


>From: Alex <admeddemda@xxxxxx>
>Reply-To: muglo@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
>To: muglo@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
>Subject: [muglo] Re: VPC (was- Re: OS X Upgrade)
>Date: Sat, 26 Jul 2003 13:12:49 -0400
> >
> >PSS Alex -- the reason OS X broke much of VPC's hardware support is that 
> >X reserves a lot of the direct hardware access for itself -- this is why 
> >X is now such a stable OS when compared to that nightmare, OS 
> >(is it more stable than XP Pro?... although, at this stage it doesn't 
> >matter... they're both pretty robust OSes by now... Apple has the better
> >approach to interacting with users IONSHO (our substituted for my ;)).
>you know, I find that OSX crashes (or needs a restart) just as often
>as OS9. In fact, programs tend to crash more often than in 9.
>Now, it may be bc I have an upgrade chip in the B&W, but I really
>dont find X all that stable. Camino crashes all the time. Eudora
>quits a lot. Sometimes that forces the whole machine to want to be
>I reAlly would rather use safari, but the dammed white background bugs me.
>plus, I've had _tons_ of problems with classic mode hanging on
>startup, crashing, etc.
>I am trying to find time to backup files onto cd, and then do a
>complete wipe of my HD and reinstall the OS.(es).
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