[muglo] Re: Storm Protection

  • From: "Eric D" <hideme666@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: muglo@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 12 Jun 2004 11:46:39 -0400

on 6/12/04 4:33 PM, Tee Cashmore at tee.cashmore@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

>Paul Thomas wrote:
>>With all the storms that we have had recently - and who knows for the 
>>future!! - is it necessary to turn off the power, unplug the supply and/or 
>>disconnect the telephone line to the modem?  It seems these days that 
>>people leave their computers on in storms!!  Perhaps they are more robust 
>Hi Paul,
>No, they are not more robust now!!!!  Most "Power bars" have Mickey Mouse 
>protection; look nice, but are ineffectual.
>Better power bars usually run about $25-60 and do provide a modicum of 
>protection, usually as a function of price.
>If you want to plug directly into a wall socket, change the socket to a 
>"protected" socket; they are red in colour and cost about $30 and you see 
>them in hospitals beside all beds.

You could also install lightning protection at the entry point to your 
house. It'll cost a bit more than a properly protected UPS but will protect 
all the electrical equipment in your house (and, if your insurance doesn't 
cover lightning damage, you might have to replace a TV, fridge, etc. in 
addition to your computer in the event of a strike).


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