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  • From: Susan Dunbar <sndunbar@xxxxxxx>
  • To: muglo@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 25 Mar 2008 07:00:33 -0400

Doug Bale, why are you not using the Mac application Mail?

Methinks, Doug Bale, that you need an introduction to the application 

On 24 Mar, 2008, at 9:34 PM, Doug Bale wrote:

> Do you not log onto your e-mail service to read messages  from others


Mail delivers to my computer automatically.  Mail opens when I boot my 
computer and presto ... I read my messages!  My email is even sorted 
into topics by  using mailboxes so that all my messages about one topic 
or from one list or whatever are all together.  Junk is also filtered 
out.  And within each mailbox I then can thread messages.  The only 
time I use the internet to read my mail is when I am away from my own 
computer.  As Doug Rogers says, whether or not I am connected to the 
Internet, when my computer is on, my email is there for me to read.  I 
do have to connect to the internet for Mail to fetch my email but that 
is no problem.  I don't use my browser to get my email.  I even get 
groups on Yahoo and Google delivered to their own mailbox in Mail.  I 
don't have to log onto Yahoo or Google to read my groups either.  If I 
were to store all my messages on my own computer I could be in trouble 
but that is what archives of lists are for, to store messages.  If I 
think I wish to keep a message on my computer I do it;  if I wish to 
refer back to other messages I can then use the archives.

I agree with Doug Rogers about using Forums with an RSS feed.  Then I 
can read the messages without having to visit the site where the Forum 
is stored.

> I think you currently scroll through your present e-mails, too, no?

Only when I am reading a message do I use scroll ... not to get to the 
spot where I can then read the messages.  Point and click is easier 
than scrolling.

> Not everyone uses .mac, Susan Can one do it in Safari? Or in Firefox?

What has .mac got to do with anything?  Using a particular browser has 
nothing to do with it either.

Mail is a Mac application.


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