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  • From: doug rogers <dougsamu@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: muglo@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 24 Mar 2008 22:23:36 -0400

On 24-Mar-08, at 9:34 PM, Doug Bale wrote:

>> I do not like to have to log onto a Forum to read messages from
>> others . . .
> Do you not log onto your e-mail service to read messages  from others,
> Susan?

I don't. Mail runs on my mac and fetches the mail to me.

>> I do not like having to scroll down the page to read messages after I
> log in.
> I think you currently scroll through your present e-mails, too, no?

Arrow key, enter key, delete key. No scroll.

>> As for threading of messages, one can do this in Mac Mail without
>> much  difficulty.  Why reinvent the wheel?
> Not everyone uses .mac, Susan Can one do it in Safari? Or in Firefox?

The Mail program toggles threads with a click.

Forums to my view are great for following a specific discussion  
interest. All the messages are stored on the host. This cuts down your  
own hard drive storage problem and the length of messages becomes  
somebody else's problem.

I personally prefer to have my messages on my computer. I am not  
always internet connected.

A forum with an RSS feed would be preferable.

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