[muglo] Re: Sample Forum

  • From: Ralph and Joan Winfield <jrwinfield@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: muglo@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 26 Mar 2008 20:04:52 -0400

Paul you have done an amazing job with the Forum page. It is neat and 
attractive. However I vote to remain with Freelists because ...

>  I just go there a few times a day - some only once, depending on the 
> volume of
> messages;
I don't have time to "go to a site a few times a day". It should come 
to me. Many days I don't have time to go once. If Muglo didn't come in 
I wouldn't read it.

I seldom look for certain topics but often someone will have a problem 
that will pique my interest or tell me where to look for something of 
interest that I wouldn't have known about and wouldn't have gone 
searching for. I wouldn't bother to read about those if they weren't 
inserted onto my desk.

> some I am on only have about a dozen messages/day and my main one 
> (that I run) has about 50/day and has been over a 100/day which is 
> higher than the MUGLO List rate!

Thank goodness we don't have 100/day.

> So I am not sure why Theresa has such a problem with looking at the 
> messages as to need to see them, as it were, instantaneously when they 
> come in; I am not trying to be awkward
> just curious as to her problem with having to see the messages by 
> email?  Anyway, I am sure she has her reasons.

Well now you know my reasons.
> Another small point that can be considered is that if desired, the
> MUGLO Web page material could be transferred onto the Forum - perhaps I
> should show such an example!!
That sounds like a better idea.

>  Incidentally, how often do people
> actually look at the web pages?


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