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  • From: Paul Thomas <paul_thomas@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: muglo@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 26 Mar 2008 17:12:13 -0400

I think that Theresa has hit the nail on the head in saying that "I 
prefer receiving emails"  - it is a matter of personal preference she 
finds a List as she is used to whereas I find the Forum layout more 
convenient!  I have been on the MUGLO  List and also the LMUG List for 
many years and find them clumsy to use on the other hand I have been on 
several Forums which I find more convenient to navigate!  I just go 
there a few times a day - some only once, depending on the volume of 
messages; some I am on only have about a dozen messages/day and my main 
one (that I run) has about 50/day and has been over a 100/day which is 
higher than the MUGLO List rate! So I am not sure why Theresa has such 
a problem with looking at the messages as to need to see them, as it 
were, instantaneously when they come in; I am not trying to be awkward 
just curious as to her problem with having to see the messages by 
email?  Anyway, I am sure she has her reasons.

It has been suggested having both systems available but that has the 
problem of having to look at two sources periodically, the List and the 
Forum OR having people double-posting - placing their messages on but 
this would be time consuming.

Another small point that can be considered is that if desired, the 
MUGLO Web page material could be transferred onto the Forum - perhaps I 
should show such an example!!  Incidentally, how often do people 
actually look at the web pages? And indeed one has the flexibility on a 
forum to use colour, styles, fonts, etc. in addition to adding pictures 
if required which cannot of course be done on Lists - or at least any 
that I know of!

I guess ultimately it will be a case of a decision being made by the 
Executive, possibly after holding a poll - which incidentally can be 
easily done on the Forum - or taking a vote at a general meeting?

As I said earlier, I think it is largely a matter of preference and 
nobody is really going to convince anyone very much and this is really 
only to show that there are alternatives in this day and age and one 
should be prepared to consider choices.

Well I guess I have said enough for now so I shall stop 


On Mar 26, 2008, at 1:36 PM, Theresa Roth wrote:
> Still, I prefer receiving emails. The rest is too much work and while
> possible, requires a level of alertness and access  I do not always
> have! Even with notifications, I still need to "go to" the site to read
> what is there.

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