[muglo] Re: Sale or give away Mac Performa?

  • From: "Eric D." <hideme666@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <muglo@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 05 Jun 2003 11:14:53 -0400

on 3/6/03 7:08 PM, Galen at blueandwhiteg3@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> The computer can be found for less than that on the Mac used market,
> around $50-100 is more accurate. And that's the price they are selling
> it for - if you sold it to a company, you'd get half that. The reason
> for these really low prices are the features (or lack therof) present
> in the 6400:

<g> ... just realised Galen, you're quoting US prices (Canadian prices are
roughly 50% higher)

> -Incredibly expensive G3 upgrades
> -Limited expansion (few PCI, etc)

> -Cannot run Mac OS X (for the geeks in the audience: "cannot" is a
> strong word but in this case, nobody has reported running the *whole*
> OS successfully, although some people have been able to run
> custom-built version of darwin without the OS X gui)

Then again, I'd call anyone running OS X on a pre-G3 insane ;)

Prices on *functional* computers have dropped so much. The 7500 is roughly
the minimum computer that I consider functional and they can be had for
around 50 CAD from used computer retailers.

Which reminds me, don't *ever* go to CPUsed for repairs. They're rip-off
artitsts. For a simple sound card replacement in a PowerBook G3 laptop they
want $480 CAD!!! ($375 for the card, $85 for labour). The laptop is barely
worth $800 so that's ludicrous. The sound card can be had for 60 US from one
US supplier and they're *in stock*. This same company will also do the
replacement for $50 US if you mail the laptop to them ($60 return trip
costs). I'm dealing with Terry's Tech Service (519-294-0648) instead and
even he can get the card for $150 CAD. There's a small chance Terry could
even fix the card itself (the power plug plugs into the sound card on the PB
G3 and a trip will break the card).



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