[muglo] Re: OS X running on mac clone

  • From: "Eric D." <hideme666@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <muglo@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 26 Feb 2003 21:25:17 -0500

on 26/2/03 11:33 AM, Tee Cashmore at tee.cashmore@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> We must shop in very different stores. B & W start at about $900
> with min mem etc. $1200 gets you a good one. Mine (400 Mhz./256 mem)
> just cost me $900 + tax (Nov. 2002). because I bought it virtually the
> same day it came in on trade. I shopped for 3 months before that on
> every site that I could find.
> I love the machine & it's fast, especially on the net with HS Bell &
> with Photoshop, but I did have to buy a new scanner & change my 740
> connection to USB.

The B&W is a nice machine, that's certain (especially at the price it goes
for now)!

On E-Bay B&Ws are going for peanuts :(. Barebones G3/350s (128 MB/6 GB) go
for just over $400 CDN. One interesting disconnect that I noticed on EBay i=
that sellers had unrealistically high expectations for what buyers were
willing to offer (but, a more likely explanation is that owners value their
machines more highly than potential buyers perceive their value to them).

When I recently e-mailed Terry about getting him to consignment-sell mine,
he told me to sell *immediately* when he heard someone had offered me $1000
for it (B&W G3/450 fast CDRW, 576 MB RAM, 16 GB HD) -- without OS X (I kept
that for my Pismo) he figured that it would fetch between $800-900.

CPUsed=A0(www.cpused.com) here in Toronto has a tonne of B&Ws sitting around
their showroom -- B&W/350 256/6/CD/ZIP $600 (ONE YEAR warrantee of all

PS Just as a heads-up, CPUsed has a PowerMac G4 DP 450Mhz 256/30GB/DVD for =
killer price ($1450 + tax). If I didn't have my heart set on a laptop I
would've been very disgruntled when I noticed the price on this puppy
(imagine running OS X multi-threaded apps on a DP machine... that would be
one zippy machine -- you could have one CPU playing DVDs (which takes up
nearly every ounce (90%+) of processing power on a G3/400) while *at the
same time* Virtual PC could be processing as well).

L8r, Eric.


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