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Eric D,

> The PowerBooks are amazingly cheap now. You can get the 12" for $2300 CAD!
> That's a full-featured laptop at the same price the iCraps were in 1998 and
> 1999! And, if you're willing to go consumer (crapsumer ;) you can pick up a
> new 700 MHz iBook 12" for $1300 CAD.
> Eric.
> PS I too doubt they'd introduce the laptop version at the same time as the
> desktop version -- give them a year, perhaps two before they get the power
> consumption down far enough (I imagine you could fry an egg on the G5s they
> should be anouncing today... at least if the slip-up on Apple's own web site
> was legit... 1.4 GHz -> 2 GHz (dual) 64 bit G5s).

Three Models: 1.6GHz, 80GB HD, 256GB RAM, $1999: 1.8GHZ, 160GB HD, 512GB
RAM, $2399; dual 2GHz, 160GB HD, 512MB RAM, $2999

Their laptop world is screaming for attention, especially since Jobs
announced this is the year of wireless.

Oh, the slip-up was indeed something that happened, and Jobs spoke about it.

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