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Barry Takayesu,

> I can't imagine that Apple would lead with a powerpunch. IF they do
> put the 970 on the table, my prediction would be in the desktop for
> about 8 months, followed by Powerbook, then iBook, eMac. Each taking
> about 6 or eight months so that they could milk these separage
> stages. Otherwise, if they start with a Powerbook, they would
> preclude the sales of the desktop. I personally would welcome the PB
> first and believe this to be the future of computers. Apple has
> always been fantastically innovative but it has never been a great
> marketer. I hope I am wrong. If they do lead with the PowerBook at a
> reasonable cost (hah), and if the rumours of its speed are anywhere
> close to true, they could turn the PC world on its ear. Here's
> waiting with worms in my mouth - I mean "baited breath".

Back to school market needs laptops.

Apparently very strong speeds in the G5 (?), with up to 8 Gb RAM.

Also, I don't think it's a goal to turn the PC world on its ear.  But the
technology they are bringing out definitely scares the pants off those other

Before Jobs retires, he'll throw the last punch...mark my words.  He's not
done yet.  He's a craft bugger, and he has one goal in mind.  It might take
him 10 or 20 years to get there, but it's worth it.

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