[muglo] Re: Computer Wanted

  • From: "Eric D." <hideme666@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <muglo@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2001 12:09:35 -0400

on 29/8/01 9:38, Ken Davis at kpdavis@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> My daughter wants a computer suitable for Internet access (she likes the
> iMac).

I don't have one but I'd suggest you check out something like
http://www.smalldog.com or http://www.powermax.com in the US, or CPUsed
(mail order) here in Toronto (http://www.cpused.com).
http://www.mostlymac.com in London even occasionally sells used Macs
(cheapest new iMac is $1479 CDN... BTW their server is hideously slow (I
suspect they're server is on a dial-up or Bell DSL connection to the web)).

http://ca.secondhandmac.com/ has on-line listings (e.g. Powerbook bronze
G3/333 $1600 CDN obo) and you could also check out e-bay.

GTA Mac Dealers (includes some outside)

BTW If you ever see her using Mac OS X I would recommend getting *at least*
an iMac 233 with 128 MB RAM (more and faster STRONGLY recommended)

L8r, Eric.

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