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  • From: Martin Albinger <max@xxxxxx>
  • To: muglo@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 9 Jul 2006 10:55:50 -0400

On 9-Jul-06, at 9:56 AM, Theresa Roth wrote:

> I=92d like to burn some CD=92s and have a question that needs=20
> clarification.
> Does the operation have to done all at once or can I burn several =
> today onto one CD and go back and add some more at a later time?
> Apparently when the Photolab burns photos onto a CD it all has to be=20=

> done at
> once as they cannot add pics at a later time. This made me wonder=20
> whether
> the same thing applies to .jpg=92s and .gif=92s.

There are a number of different ways to burn CD's.  Each time you burn=20=

to a CD you end with a 'session'.  CD's can have multiple sessions or=20
you can just burn a single session.  A typical CD can hold about 700 Mb=20=

of 'data' (pits and bumps). Look at a commercial disk to see how much=20
is used (Highlight the icon and press command (or apple)-I for=20
information.  It will tell you how much was used.  I tend to use Toast=20=

so can't speak specifically about OS X burning.

With a single session (sometimes called 'write disk') the CD is burned=20=

such that you can not then add other data to the CD as it is 'filled'. =20=

On a Mac when you insert the CD you get a single icon on the desktop. =20=

By burning using a 'session' the disk is burned in such a way that you=20=

can add more sessions upto a total of about 700 Mb.  If you burn 3 or 4=20=

individual sessions on the CD when you insert it you will get an icon=20
representing each of the burned sessions.

As an analogy let's say you have a book and you plan to have 6=20
chapters.  You complete Chapters 1,4 and 5 and individually burn each=20
chapter to a CD in one session named "The Great Canadian Novel'.  You=20
then finish Chapter 2 & 3.  You can not add (or burn) chapters 2 & 3 to=20=

the chapters 1, 4 and 5 session but must burn a separate session for=20
chapter 2 and 3 named  e.g. TGCN Chp2 and 3".  Similarly, chapter 6 the=20=

startling conclusion, must also be burned separately in another session=20=

- TGCN Chp 6.  Now when you insert this disk into the drive 3 icons=20
will show up on the desktop.

It does not matter what kind of files are being added .doc, .xls,=20
.jpeg, mp3, m4a, wma, pdf, cwk  and so on.  To the CD it is all pits=20
and bumps burned as requested into either a single full disk session or=20=

multiple smaller sessions.

I use multiple sessions as a way of backing up files that have changed.=20=

  Using the Finder I use search critieria to find the files I need to=20
back-up and then burn that session to CD.  E.g. I still use Appleworks=20=

so I tell the finder to find all the .cwk files that have changed since=20=

July 1, 2006.  I burn these to a CD as CWB-up07092006, the date I did=20
my backup.  In a week I repeat the process  but find files that have=20
changed from July 8 (just in case I changed some of the files on July=20
9), I name it CWB-up07162006.  When I put this disk in on July 23 I=20
would have 2 icons pop up representing my 2 previous b-up sessions.

Is this response overkill?



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