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I would submit that if in fact this true, then he might want to check with
his provider. I have DSL and it's no where close to my modem speed. While it
may be slower than other dsl customers that may get 800+ kbps, I usually
average around 675, which is fine for what I do. The biggest problem isn't
the connection speed, but the servers on the net that I connect to. Some are
way faster than others, and the hops has a lot to do with it as well. As far
as the pictures loading faster, well I use Outpost and it blocks a lot of
the ads and so forth, thus the page loads must faster, without the clutter
because most of the time all I want to do is read and not look at the
graphics, which usually are nothing but ads!

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>>because you are talking about using a phone line
>>connection which will never run faster than 53,300 (because the
>>phone company won't let it go faster than that)
>Very good points you bring up about the other computers and their
>connections. My friend insisted on DSL, yet the only thing that
>loads faster is the pictures ONCE HE CONNECTS....the connection
>speed to get to the page is virtually identical to my 56k.

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