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One more

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He has a link on the page I just sent you to:

This should do it.

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Hi group,

I have a linux based utility that allows me to boot to it and read the local
passwords on NT/2000 (bd011022.bin). Yesterday I needed to get on an XP
machine to troubleshoot a problem and found the user, who HAD admin rights
on the local machine he logs on had changed the administrator
password.....no real big deal.....I log on as myself and change it to what
it is supposed to be and bump him down to a power user; however, I figured I
would try that same utility just to see if I could find the password and it
did not work. I tried changing the directory it was looking for the registry
to no avail.....just wondering if someone really was familiar with the
utility, if it did work with XP, and....why it did not if the answer was
no.....of course if someone did have this work with XP....advice
appreciated......thanks in advance and just to reiterate...this is just a
search for knowledge on the subject......i have resolved the issue that led
me to try this utility.


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