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> From: "Carol" <Caroll213@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> Subject: [mswindowsxp] screen color

> Hi Group i'm having a problem with the color of my 
>monitor screen it has a tint of blue....i did not change 
>any settings for the screen at all it was ok last nite 
>then turned it on today and everything has a tint of
> blue...thanx for any help.....carol

One thing you can check is your monitor cable.  While the system is still on 
(and your desktop is on-screen), wiggle the monitor cable (not the power 
cable), and watch the screen as you do this.

If the blue tint goes away at any time, then there's a good chance that the 
cable is losing the red signal.  Check the connections between the monitor/PC 
and replace the cable if this doesn't improve.

If this is NOT the case, then the only other possibilities are 1) the monitor's 
color features (check the monitor's menu controls) need to be reset, or 2) The 
videocard could be malfunctioning.

Checking #1 is easy if you have a second monitor in the house/office.  Swap it 
out and see if it changes.  If not, then #2 is more likely.

Hope this helps.  

--- Ethan

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