[mswindowsxp] Re: XP accessing Network/Internet resources

  • From: Jim Betz <jimbetz@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: mswindowsxp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 18 Jan 2003 23:41:38 -0800


  There is something wrong with your install.  We don't really
know why but it seems it is the hardware or software associated
with the network adapter and/or the network support.   You shouldn't
even know the physical address of the NIC (I've never known any
of mine - sure I have 'looked it up' just out of curiosity ... but
I have never had to enter it into the setup).  I suggest that you
try the following:

  1) Remove the network adapter and all network support and
     reboot and let the system find the network adapter and
     reinstall all of the network support.

  2) If #1 doesn't work then do the same thing - except at
     the point where you are going to reboot do a shutdown 
     and physically remove the network adapter.  Power up 
     the system and let it boot up normally.  Shut down
     and reboot - this is all to make certain everything is
     working correctly.  NOW, shutdown with a power off and
     put a NEW network adapter in the system - preferably
     one that is from a different manufacturer and preferably
     a major supplier such as Intel or 3Com.  Definitely not
     one of the cut rate brands such as Netgear, etc.  
       When the system reboots let if find the card and find
     the software, install the network support - and go to

  Let me very clear - there isn't anything wrong with a low
cost network card - when it is WORKING.  When it isn't don't
spend your valuable time over the difference in cost between
a $15 NIC and a $40 one ... go straight to either Intel or
3Com and get on with life.  How many hours of trying to figure
out what is wrong is $25 worth?

> Hi group,
> I have had a problem with our XP machines I am wondering if someone else has
> experienced. For the 2nd time now, we have an xp pro machine that logs onto
> the win2k domain after a windows update( everything appears fine). After log
> on, they cannot access network or internet resources. The only thing I can
> see that appears wrong is under network places properties for the LAN
> connection, I go into the configuration of the network card, under the
> advanced tab, the network address has the radio button "not present"
> checked. I change it, put in the hardware address and everything appears to
> work fine. Is this coincidence, has anyone else out there experienced this
> or have an explanation?
>  Any input is greatly appreciated!!!
> Chris

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