[mswindowsxp] XP Pro having problem in Win2k AD Domain

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  • Date: Fri, 17 Jan 2003 12:56:38 -0700

When any user from our domain, regardless of what OU their account is
in, logs on to the 2 XP Pro workstations in our domain with their domain
user account, the first logon works fine but trying to logon a 2nd time
the logon gets stuck at "Loading your Personal Settings" and then the
workstation just spontaneously reboots.  We then have to logon with a
local machine admin account and delete the domain profile from within
Documents and Settings before that Domain user account can be used again
on the machine.

These same domain user accounts work fine when logging onto any Win2k
machine in the domain, regardless of what OU the win2k machine is in -
so it appears to be a problem with XP Pro.  We are not using roaming
profiles or folder redirection.  The users do get a home directory
mapped to a file server, but we've also tried removing that path in
their domain user account properties and telling it to use a local path
and that doesn't change anything.  The OUs don't inherit any group
policy settings from the default domain policy or any other OUs.

TIA for any ideas

Kathleen M Warner
Client Support Team
Administrative Computing Services
University of Utah=20

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