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First off, Remote Desktop and Remote Assistance are two different things.
The remote computer (for example, your work PC) must have WinXP Pro installed. 
The requirements on the other end (with your home computer, for instance) are 
more flexible. And you can install the Remote Desktop client on any PC running 
Windows 9X, ME, NT, or 2000. If the computer on the other end uses WinXP Home 
the it's already installed. You can download the Remote Desktop client from 
http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/pro/downloads/rdclientdl.asp. Or you can 
install the RDC (Remote Desktop Client) by inserting the WinXP Pro installation 
CD into the disc drive of any local computer running the aforementioned OSes. 
When the Welcome screen displays, click Perform Additional Tasks and then 
select Set Up Remote Desktop Connection. WinXP Pro will walk you through the 
installation process from there. 
The remote computer must have access to a LANN (Local Area Network) or the 
Internet, and the local computer must be able to access the remote computer 
through a network connection, modem, or VPN connection. Broadband connections 
provide the smoothest remote access performance, but they're not necessary. 
 Bill <....@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote: 
True or false:

You cannot run remote desktop as a host from XP Home? If true, can you
request remote assistance from XP home and have another XP workstation
remotely take it over?

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