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WinMX has a chat component. Someone can send a command of &_____&, and it
will play the sound with that name on the computers of everyone who's
connected. It's one possible cause.


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> Wasn't Powerquest recently bought (cannibalized) by Symantec?


Actually I found the answer to my problem. Perhaps it may help some-one
else. I had created a very small partition on my removable HD and apparently
if System Restore can't allocate your selected percentage of HD space for
its backups it cuts off the SR process. After removing the SR monitoring
from my removable HD things have returned to normal.
I was checking some files on WinMX last night when a short burst of laughter
suddenly  sounded., then  five minutes later, some drum tapping sounded. for
a few seconds. What would be causing this?



> Quoting Joe Parker <joeparker@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
>  System Restore sure seemed like a good idea. But it seems to miss more
>  problems than it helps, and since it takes a lot of drive space to do
>  I'm on the verge of shutting it off entirely. Whatever specific problems
>  you're having can probably be fixed somehow else, but if you've tried to
>  use SR that much you may be doing something wrong.
>  Annoyingly, Powerquest's website doesn't seem to offer the patch for
>  download but rather says:
>   >Contact PowerQuest Technical Support to obtain the Error 1513 patch
>  At 04:15 PM 12/11/2003, you wrote:
>  >Hi,  All.
>  >I have used "System Restore" a couple of times on my XP OS and it has
>  >me out of trouble. Yesterday I tried it again and the only "Restore
>  >for December had yesterday's date which was no good to me. Clicking the
>  >top L/H arrow beside the calendar doesn't take it back a month. Why is
>  >this? I have installed a couple of programmes recently and I thought a
>  >"Restore Point" was automatically created.
>  >
>  >Also, does any-one know where I can get a "Error 1513 Patch" for
>  >Magic 8.01. I have written to Powerquest requesting it, but I have heard
>  >that they are very slow in replying to E-mails.
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