[mswindowsxp] Re: Spice girls' vocal concert

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  • Date: Sun, 15 Dec 2002 18:24:49 -0800

It probably spoofed your address from the persons computer (address book or
e-mails (from the list))

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>Subject: [mswindowsxp] Re: Spice girls' vocal concert
>Hello to all those on this list.
>I just returned from a trip and found a zillion messages in  my inbox
>regarding this subject.
>Although my address is listed in the "from" box I did not send it out.  I
>have not been on line since Fri. 12/13.  I received it also but it was
>stripped of its damaging properties by my ISP, AT&T.  The virus must have
>been sent by someone on the list.  In the message properties I found the
>Return-Path: <mswindowsxp-bounce@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>I am running McAfee 7.0 with Hawk for Outlook and auto updates.  It even
>notifies me when I send two messages with similar content.
>If anyone was infected it can be easily cleaned with a small program from
>McAfee called "FixKlez" available at www.mcafee.com

It's lights OUT for you viruses!
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