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  • From: Jim Betz <jimbetz@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 09 Dec 2002 21:23:36 -0800


  If you are going to be 'controlling' the work system - ie. your
computer is acting as a remote keyboard, mouse, and video then
you might actually see some improvement over the 19,200 you are
getting.  It would, as you have indicated, depend on the amount
of screen image changes -vs- the amount of stuff that doesn't
need that (such as a download that goes from the web to the office
system but for which you are controlling it remotely).  So any
program such as PCAnyWhere ought to work for that kind of stuff.
  That said - have you battled with your phone company about the
quality of your line and how slow it is for the WWW?  There is
a lot they can do.  It's called "balancing the line".  I don't
know how it works.  I do know that when they balanced my line a
few years back my connect speeds went from 24,000 to 42,000 and
up!  And the service call was free.  I live in a metropolitan
area - but it is over 18,000 feet to my CO.  It made a bid diff.
And now I have DSL - it's slow but it works and stays up and it
is a lot better and most of the time I'm waiting for a slow site
to do its thing and not for the piece between me and my ISP.
Nobody has ever explained to me why sometimes you connect at one
speed and other times at something 10%-30% different.  I'm sure
the guys at the ISPs know this - I've just never been told.

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