[mswindowsxp] Re: Registry Tweak

  • From: cej4108@xxxxxxxxxxxx (Charles E. James)
  • To: mswindowsxp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 01 Apr 2003 11:10:43 -0500

Hi, Guys

If you really want to speed up XP, re-install Win2KPro or better yet install 

Joe Parker <joeparker@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>No need to screw with the registry, so why would you want to? Am I missing 
>something? Anyway I doubt there's a simple one-click entry in the registry 
>or policy editor that's anywhere as easy.
>Easily possible to get the XP UI as fast as Win2k. But personally, I figure 
>what's all this wasted CPU power for anyway? So I leave all my effects on. 
>And even add some with 3rd party products (e.g. CursorXP). It really 
>doesn't affect the 'performance' of the machine at all - just the 
>perception of it.
>>Anyone know the registry tweak to set WinXP Visual Effects ( System
>>Properties | Advanced | Performance Settings ) to "Adjust for best
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