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  • Date: Wed, 8 Oct 2003 18:54:17 -0400

No, I don't think you are missing something, the default profile settings
are not being used=2E  The users profile settings are being used=2E  Defau=
User settings would only come into play for a new profile=2E=20
Microsoft is not explaining that XP workstations do not play well with NT
domains=2E First many NT domains still have roaming profile folders with t=
extension =2Eusr  XP requires the extension to be =2Epds and own't read
profiles in a =2Eusr folder=2E  Also, the WebClient service in XP can caus=
file locking problems with the usrclass=2Edat file and prevent the users
profile from updating on logout=2E  I don't think the service provides any=

functionality in an NT server domain, so you will need to turn the service=

off to prevent the usrclass=2Edat logout problem=2E


Original Message:
From: Matt Fowler mfowler@harpercollege=2Eedu
Date: Wed, 08 Oct 2003 15:01:11 -0500
To: mswindowsxp@freelists=2Eorg
Subject: [mswindowsxp] Profile problem

We use roaming profiles with NT currently and are soon rolling out XP to=20=

the desktop=2E However, when I login to an XP machine with my roaming NT=20=

profile, the setting from Default User on the machine do not take effect=2E=
For instance, we have set all themes to classic and they become XP's=20
playschool instead=2E Does this mean that XP's Default User settings are n=
being used? Am I missing something?


Matt Fowler
LAN Specialist

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