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  • Date: Tue, 1 Jun 2004 20:53:05 -0500


Are your trying to use LEAP or PEAP authentication?  Is the Cisco ACU
configured to let Windows control wireless, or are you manually
configuring it?


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Bill Beckett <Bill.Beckett@xxxxxxxxxx>

Can't figure this one out. I have a dell laptop (latitude 300MHZ) and I
have installed Windows XP on it + SP1. I have a Cisco 350 wireless
PCMCIA card that I know works. I have installed and reinstalled the
device. I have also installed the client utility that comes along with
the Cisco card. The utility works, it can see the AP, it does a
successful link test so the communucations from card to AP are working.
However, the laptop does not get an IP address. It's configured for DHCP
like all the other laptops we have and they all work fine with DHCP.
Protocols are there, card is working, yet if I go to a command prompt
and type in IPCONFIG, it wil just say media disconnected. Anyone
encounter such problems as this before? I've tried everything I can to

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