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  • From: Jim Walls <k6ccc@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 12 Dec 2003 10:51:47 -0800

Jim Betz wrote (in part):

>  But it occurs to me that there
>  are many short combinations of 3 or 4 letters in this that never
>  occur in the English language and, quite probably, not in any
>  language.  Examples are "qnft", "zvbe", "zxsa" ... etc.  Perhaps
>  using 3 letter combinations wouldn't work - but there ought to be
>  lots of 4 letter combinations that you could just filter out
>  automatically and not worry about.
The only problem is that there are A LOT of combinations.  Just taking 
the 26 letters, for a 4 digit string, there are 456,976 possible 
combinations.  However if you assume that no singe character is 
repeated, the number drops to only 358,800.  If you toss in the 10 
digits, that climbs to 1,679,616.  Then you have to subtract valid words 
or portion of words.  I don't think you want to create message filters 
for over a million conbinations.

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