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I'm using POPFile, which has been giving me better than 99% accuracy after
only a week of training.

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>   Although slightly (?) off topic this is a topic of concern
> to all of us and does have a "system-O/S" implication ...
>   Are any of you out there using "weird strings" as a method of
> filtering spam?  I use email filters to eliminate spam.  So 
> here is my idea:
>     A lot (most?) of the spammers use really scrambled letter
>   combinations in the subject, body and sender fields of the
>   spam they are sending out.  I have always considered this
>   to be a way of foiling my filters - for instance if the
>   body of the message is spelled 0xym0r0n (zeroes instead of
>   "o"s) then a filter for oxymoron won't work.
>     So if you are using spam filters you are probably screening
>   for v1agra (a "one" instead of an "i").  Well, the spammers
>   have started to put extremely scrambled letter combinations
>   in their emails.
>     So, I'm thinking, maybe there are some combinations of 
>   letters than I can use to filter that wouldn't hit the stuff
>   I want and would also foil this approach.  For instance, let's
>   say you get an email like I did this morning that has the
>   following text in it:
>      czobkqoep wcdqvmpe qnftahqxaqg ivmcaapfg zvbewxdhs zxsaxzoxpg 
>      zvpthbqfzdv jyfiomgvats vtjbgutw ypmttbmmks qucbgbne fczeqzqlb 
>      tgwbbkould gpitqavveaj ljsyafqhgcmi szfgzefltj rmvuaao bcixdarp 
>      doltalntpip lcfpermtfyuz vdceyjddyxgt lrmoipgv stqgpgk 
> ameaitnaus 
>      megvgwr
>     Now I certainly wouldn't recommend creating a filter for all of
>   these relatively long combinations.  But it occurs to me that there
>   are many short combinations of 3 or 4 letters in this that never
>   occur in the English language and, quite probably, not in any
>   language.  Examples are "qnft", "zvbe", "zxsa" ... etc.  Perhaps
>   using 3 letter combinations wouldn't work - but there ought to be
>   lots of 4 letter combinations that you could just filter out
>   automatically and not worry about.
>     And, it seems to me that it might even be possible to develop a
>   set of filters based upon this approach that would affect a LOT 
>   of the spam that uses this approach - because it might not take
>   very many such filters to affect almost all of these!
>   So my question to this group is:  "Is anyone out there doing 
> this and what are your experiences with its effectiveness and/or
> usefulness?"
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