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Hi there, Ibrahim.

Many thanks for your very informative letter, but unfortunately it is a day
too late. Yesterday I downloaded a tool that removed Windows Messenger from
my system and this fixed the problem.

What other problems, besides being unable to get remote assistance, am I
liable to encounter?

Your suggestions are just what I was looking for. I should have waited a bit

Many thanks


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> Other online-services maybe using the passport you supplied. Try this:
> 1) Go to Windows Messenger- TOOLS/OPTIONS/ACCOUNTS/ and click to Sign-In
with 'Communications Service' instead of '.Net passport' - This will stop XP
using your .Net passport with Windows Messenger by default and causing a
background sign-in fight.
> 2) Finish it all off by hiding Windows Messenger and all its shortcuts by
choose 'Custom' and un-tick "Enable access to this program" next to Windows
> If you have your MSN Messenger set to automatically sign in then you will
never have a problem with that damn .Net passport message or sign-in fight
> Windows XP and MSN Messenger will still need to use Windows Messenger from
time to time. It is important to understand that MSN Messenger for XP gets
its remote assistance capabilities from Windows Messenger, which means that
Windows Messenger MUST NOT be removed, and if it is, remote assistance will
not work.
> You may notice that 2 instances of the messenger program maybe appearing
in you notification area while these features are accessed or if Microsoft
Outlook is configured to 'Enable Instant Messaging' in TOOLS/OPTIONS/OTHER.
This is normal and what I suggest to prevent this from happening it is -
Right click on your START button, go to PROPERTIES/TASKBAR/CUSTOMIZE - Find
Windows Messenger and 'Always Hide' it so when it is in use you wont see it.
> Hope this all helps.

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