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On Mon, 17 May 2004 10:49:55 -0400, Bill Beckett wrote:

>That's probably it. As a follow up, if I make the change to the GPO, will
>running Gpupdate on the client update the GPO immediately or does the user
>have to logoff on back on?

Gpupdate should (theoretically) be enough. However I've seen times
when only a logoff and reboot have helped... Go figure... YMMV as
they say. 8-/

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>On Mon, 17 May 2004 10:36:30 -0400, Bill Beckett wrote:
>>I'm sure this is easy but I cannot find it or it's not working. I want 
>>an XP workstation to be locked once the screen saver kicks in. The 
>>password protect is grayed out, although the box is checked. However, 
>>after the screen saver kicks in, no password prompt comes up. The 
>>workstation is wide open once anyone hits a key. What gives?
>I saw this behaviour when the domain set GPO specified a screen saver that
>was not available on the local computer.
>If you have a domain GPO set for win2k with a full path statement in the
>GPO, pls be aware that for XP the systemroot is not the same! Ie c:\winnt vs
>Windows expects the screen saver to be in %systemroot%\system32. If it's
>anywhere else, you'll have to specify it.



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