[mswindowsxp] Re: Internet Explorer Web Pages Displaying Inconsistently

  • From: "Paul Lindberg" <phlindberg@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 18 Jul 2002 16:29:30 -0700

I even tried running System Restore today and went back to a Restore
CheckPoint from 3 weeks ago (the problem started about 4 days ago) and
this had no effect on the problem...
Thx for the reply...

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This isn't limited to Windows XP, nor IE 6...  I'm seeing it with
Windows 98 Second Edition and IE 5.5 SP2.  I also see that there's no
relationship to it involving the processor or memory.  I've seen it
happen with Celeron, Pentium III, and P4 machines, just about all from
Dell's OptiPlex line.  Same goes for memory, doesn't matter how much or
how little, same deal.
What I've found is....   that what you're describing happens when a user
clicks on a link from Outlook (or other outside program) and it launches
IE (the same goes with/in IE for links that open in a new window).  The
window just sits there.  In many cases, it doesn't even time out (just
sits there looking like it's trying to load).  I had a couple occasions
where I walked away for over an hour and it was still there looking like
it's trying.  In many instances I can stop it and then just hit refresh
and the page loads with no problems.  Other times, I don't have any
alternative except to close the window (no stop or refresh buttons,
can't right-click on the page/window).
I tried scandisk, defrag, deleting temporary internet files, upgrading
to IE6, Windows Updates, and thought perhaps Java was part of the
problem (it wasn't).  So, I've run up against a similar brick wall to
the one you've run into.
Anyone else out there joining in this wonderful fun?
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From: Paul Lindberg [mailto:phlindberg@xxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Thursday, July 18, 2002 15:01
To: mswindowsxp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [mswindowsxp] Internet Explorer Web Pages Displaying

Has anyone seen any problems with Internet Explorer having problems
displaying web pages inconsistantly?
Basically, I see 2 problems:  
1)The Page does not display at all - I get "The page cannot be
displayed/Cannot find server" Error
2)Multiple parts of the Web Page Icons and Text/Pictures do not display
In either case, Usually, If I do a Refresh of the web page it will
either show up ok or I will be missing parts of the web page (still...).
I am using IE V6.0, DSL High Speed Internet Connection, Compaq Presario
1720US (PIII 1Ghz processor, 20Gb Hard Drive, 512Mb Ram)...  
I doesn't matter what web sites I am trying to connect to, I have the
problem the majority of the time (I have tried web sites like Yahoo,
Microsoft, MSN, Google & others...)...
I have tried reloading Internet Explorer & Deleted Stored Web Pages from
IE with no success...
Does anyone have any ideas to help me determine the cause?

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