[mswindowsxp] Re: Internet Explorer Web Pages Displaying Inconsis tently

  • From: "Kelly C. Hanna" <ElkySS@xxxxxxx>
  • To: <mswindowsxp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 18 Jul 2002 21:17:08 -0500

>This isn't limited to Windows XP, nor IE 6...  I'm seeing it  with Windows 98 
>Second Edition and IE 5.5 SP2.  I also
>see that there's no  relationship to it involving the processor or 
>memory.  I've seen it happen  with Celeron, Pentium
>III, and P4 machines, just about all from Dell's OptiPlex  line.  Same goes 
>for memory, doesn't matter how much or how
>little, same  deal.
>What I've found is....   that what you're describing  happens when a user 
>clicks on a link from Outlook (or other
>outside program) and  it launches IE (the same goes with/in IE for links that 
>open in a new  window).  The window just
>sits there.  In many cases, it doesn't even  time out (just sits there looking 
>like it's trying to load).  I had a
>couple occasions where I walked away for over an hour and it was still there 
> looking like it's trying.  In many
>instances I can stop it and then just  hit refresh and the page loads with no 
>problems.  Other times, I don't have
>any alternative except to close the window (no stop or refresh buttons, can't 
> right-click on the page/window).
>I  tried scandisk, defrag, deleting temporary internet files, upgrading to 
>IE6,  Windows Updates, and thought perhaps
>Java was part of the problem (it  wasn't).  So, I've run up against a similar 
>brick wall to the one you've  run into.
>Anyone else out there joining in this wonderful  fun?

That's why I use "Netscrape" more often....it loads better. Sometimes Netscape 
won't load a page, so I then go to IE and it loads fine...don't ya just love 

Kelly & Jana Hanna

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