[mswindowsxp] Re: Internet Explorer Web Pages Displaying Inconsis tently

  • From: Diane <polarbear144@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: mswindowsxp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 18 Jul 2002 13:30:52 -0700 (PDT)

I have the same problem when I use IE, so I downloaded
Opera, and I rarely have that problem with it. It has
its own little quirks, but if you take the time to set
it up right, it works great. There's a free version
with ads or you can pay $39 to get rid of them.


--- "Brian P. Slattery" <bslattery@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Paul,
> This isn't limited to Windows XP, nor IE 6...  I'm
> seeing it with Windows 98
> Second Edition and IE 5.5 SP2.  I also see that
> there's no relationship to
> it involving the processor or memory.  I've seen it
> happen with Celeron,
> Pentium III, and P4 machines, just about all from
> Dell's OptiPlex line.
> Same goes for memory, doesn't matter how much or how
> little, same deal.
> What I've found is....   that what you're describing
> happens when a user
> clicks on a link from Outlook (or other outside
> program) and it launches IE
> (the same goes with/in IE for links that open in a
> new window).  The window
> just sits there.  In many cases, it doesn't even
> time out (just sits there
> looking like it's trying to load).  I had a couple
> occasions where I walked
> away for over an hour and it was still there looking
> like it's trying.  In
> many instances I can stop it and then just hit
> refresh and the page loads
> with no problems.  Other times, I don't have any
> alternative except to close
> the window (no stop or refresh buttons, can't
> right-click on the
> page/window).
> I tried scandisk, defrag, deleting temporary
> internet files, upgrading to
> IE6, Windows Updates, and thought perhaps Java was
> part of the problem (it
> wasn't).  So, I've run up against a similar brick
> wall to the one you've run
> into.
> Anyone else out there joining in this wonderful fun?
>  <mailto:bslattery@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> Brian P.
> Slattery, MCP, Network+
> Senior Desktop Analyst
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> From: Paul Lindberg [mailto:phlindberg@xxxxxxxxx]
> Sent: Thursday, July 18, 2002 15:01
> To: mswindowsxp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Subject: [mswindowsxp] Internet Explorer Web Pages
> Displaying Inconsistantly
> Has anyone seen any problems with Internet Explorer
> having problems
> displaying web pages inconsistantly?
> Basically, I see 2 problems:  
> 1)The Page does not display at all - I get "The page
> cannot be
> displayed/Cannot find server" Error
> 2)Multiple parts of the Web Page Icons and
> Text/Pictures do not display
> In either case, Usually, If I do a Refresh of the
> web page it will either
> show up ok or I will be missing parts of the web
> page (still...).
> I am using IE V6.0, DSL High Speed Internet
> Connection, Compaq Presario
> 1720US (PIII 1Ghz processor, 20Gb Hard Drive, 512Mb
> Ram)...  
> I doesn't matter what web sites I am trying to
> connect to, I have the
> problem the majority of the time (I have tried web
> sites like Yahoo,
> Microsoft, MSN, Google & others...)...
> I have tried reloading Internet Explorer & Deleted
> Stored Web Pages from IE
> with no success...
> Does anyone have any ideas to help me determine the
> cause?
> Thanks...Paul

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