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With your first one Ted, it sounds like something is using or holding onto a 
file (for files) on that removable drive.
I would suggest booting into safe mode, closing down all running apps and try 

You can't rename folders that are part of account profiles. That's by design in 
The simplest way is to create a new profile with the name you want and copy 
everything over that to that profile... but be warned, this can get messy.


Neil Atwood - Sydney, Australia

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Hi, All.
I posted the following two questions to this list last week and have had no 
reply. Would some-one please tell me who else I could ask.


I have partitioned and labelled two partitions on my HD as "System" and 
"Storage", but cannot label my removable HD. (I want to name it: Backups). Why 
is this? 

I have tried also with partition magic, but it comes up with "Can't Lock Drive. 
Error #27.

I have Windows XP Home and the system won't allow me to rename "user"  in 
C:\Documents and Settings\ user to "Ted". Is there any other way I can do this? 

Many thanks,


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