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Time to open the manual. Look perhaps to a feature such as IP/or port 
 Snowshelbi <SnowShelbi@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I am not using any router, I am just wondering how it works, also my
friend has one and he cant get IIS to work 'cos his router is blocking
port 21 in upload!

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First question is, what router are you using?

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>This has nothing in special to do with the worm, but I was just
>wondering something, u know routers have built-in firewalls, let's say
>have a router and that I want to unblock a specific port, is there
>anyway to do that?! I mean do u like unblock the ports hardware wise or
>is there a software that comes with the router?! So yeah, can someone
>plz explain how it works in general! thanks

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