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  • From: Jim Betz <jimbetz@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 21 Apr 2004 09:16:48 -0700

  First - this discussion is WAY off topic ... you will see
nothing further on it from me.

  If a fan makes noise at power up - replace it.  If the fan is
making any noise other than rushing air - at ANY time - replace
it.  A fan that is making noise has already "failed" and will
not properly cool whatever it was designed to cool.  If the fan
is making noise it is not turning at full speed.  Some fans will
make noise and then stop altogether (and get quiet when they do).
To find out which fan:

  0) Power off - and maybe let it completely cool down if that
     is necessary.

  1) Take the covers off the machine so you can access all the

  2) Turn on the power and stop all of the fans one at a time.
     Use something like a golf tee - NON CONDUCTIVE - and put
     it in the fan and stop it.  If the noise goes away and
     then comes back when you remove the tee that's the one.
       For some fans you can just put your finger on the hub
     and stop the fan that way.
       You can also put something in the path of all of the
     fans before you power on and then remove them one at a
     time - you just have to have more golf tees.

  3) Replace it and get on with life.

  If the noise occurs and stopping all of the fans one at a
time doesn't stop the noise then you NEED to know what IS
causing the noise.

  If the noise doesn't happen every time you power up - pay
attention to when it does (system totally cold, only first
time in the morning, etc.) and target that time and find out
which one.

  Is this intermittent fan noise "super critical" ... maybe/maybe 
  If it is the CPU fan your system will experience lock-ups
and weird failures (never in the same program and no particular
time) - and over time it could even damage the CPU and cause it
to need to be replaced.
  If it is the power supply fan the PS WILL overheat and
fail and when it does it will sometimes take the motherboard and/or
hard drive with it!
  If it is a "case fan" then it is less critical - but still 
something I would fix if it were my computer.

  If it is anything except a case fan I would fix it right away.

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