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  • Date: Thu, 11 Mar 2004 02:23:24 -0800

Just a heads-up for the home users on this list - March updates and
patches for Windows and Office are now available.  Please remember to
visit Windows Update and Office Update.

Also, from Pandasoftware:

Madrid, March 10, 2004 - March 11 will be Netsky's day. At least this is
what the creators of this virus have declared in a text hidden in the
code of the K variant of Netsky.

The message reads as follows:

"Skynet AntiVirus -  We want to destroy malware writers business,
including MyDoom & Bagle. To F-Secure and so on, we do not want damage
systems, we only want to avoid that Bagle continues his dirty business.
We have respect of your work (Your heuristic scan is not good enough!
Make it better). When the beagle and mydoom loose, we wanna stop our
activity. thats now. And personal words to mydoom: Your are so <omitido>
i never seen in my life. A Sample is bin laden and saddam. Your are
more, more as more. worse than bad, the only worst. I cannot describe
you, you're so lame. And to the mydoom
thiefs: You will go into the prison next time in texas, nice to meet the
bagle author there. <omitido>, its similar your food, you know. And do
not watch too much porn. Last words to all AV firms: We are the Skynet,
not netsky! You can use commands on port 26 to deactivate the Skynet!.
This is the last version of our antivirus. The source code is available
soon. Note that the optimization limit is also reached. You can't get
more with smtp engines. bagle and mydoom can continue his dirty impact.
the  11th of march is the skynet day.".

According to the message, the creator or creators of the Netsky worms
could be preparing some kind of attack on March 11, which could see the
appearance of an even more virulent variant or the emergence of several
new variants at the same time.=20

Of course, there is every possibility that the message is simply an
empty threat but in any event, Panda Software advises users to be on the
alert in order to prevent any possible incidents.

For this reason, the company is advising users to treat all e-mail
received with caution and to update their antivirus solutions.

Amer Karim
Nautilis Information Systems
e-mail: amerk@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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