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Create a startup script that changes the password of your scheduled
task. =20

C:\>schtasks.exe /change /?

SCHTASKS /Change [/S system [/U username [/P password]]] {[/RU
    [/RP runaspassword] [/TR taskrun]} /TN taskname

    Changes the program to run, or user account and password used
    by a scheduled task.

Parameter List:
    /S       system           Specifies the remote system to connect to.

    /U       username         Specifies the user context under
                              which the command should execute.

    /P       password         Specifies the password for the given
                              user context.

    /RU      username         Changes the user name (user context) under
                              which the scheduled task has to run.
                              For the system account, valid values are
                              "", "NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM" or "SYSTEM".

    /RP      password         Specifies a new password for the existing
                              user context or the password for a new
                              user account. Password will not effect for
                              the system account.

    /TR      taskrun          Specifies a new program that the scheduled
                              task runs. Type the path and file name of
                              the program.

    /TN      taskname         Specifies which scheduled task to change.

    /?                        Displays this help/usage.

    SCHTASKS /Change /RP password /TN "Backup and Restore"
    SCHTASKS /Change /TR restore.exe /TN "Start Restore"
    SCHTASKS /Change /S system /U user /P password /RU newuser
             /TN "Start Backup"=20

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We support 700 desktops for faculty & staff here on campus. Most of our
users are running Win2k or WinXP. We have Backups scheduled using the
local Admin username/password. We did this so that Backup would continue
to work even after the user changed his/her password.

For security purposes, we would like to change the local admin password
on all PCs every year. We have a script to do this and can push it via
policy. But doing so causes Backup within Scheduled Tasks to fail.

Anyone know how (via policy) to reset the password stored within a
Scheduled Tasks job (specifically Backup) so we don't have to touch each


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