[mswindowsxp] Re: Backups - was Removable HD.

  • From: Jim Betz <jimbetz@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: mswindowsxp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 25 Sep 2003 22:15:32 -0700


  I don't recommend using CD-RW for backups.  I recommend CD-R
that you don't reuse.  Read my prior post about CD-R.
  The reason I don't like CD-RW is because they aren't 
"transportable".  Often they aren't readable in any drive
except the very drive they were created in - not even in 
another drive of the same make and model.  This means that
you don't have a real backup - if your system was stolen or
had a fire then the backup is of little use if you can't
read it in another drive.  Interestingly enough a CD-R
burned in the same drive IS "transportable".  BTW - I always
do all burns at 8X - yeah, I know it takes a bit longer - but
I also know that it makes the burn a lot more reliable and the
reuse of the CD you created a lot more likely (yes, sometimes
even a CD-R isn't really usable!).
  This last is one of the basic argument for "one backup a week 
on a new CD every week" approach.

  In my experience if the drive says it only has 1.2 GB of free
space you can count on that.  The amount of capacity of the drive
(38GB) seems well within the range of "acceptable" for a 40GB
drive.  If you think it should have more free space - well you'd
have to "prove it" to me.  I've never seen an NTFS drive that 
is mis-reporting the actual free space.  I'm not saying it can
never happen - I'm just saying that I haven't ever seen it and
I've been supporting over 50 NTFS systems for over 8 years.

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