[mswindowsxp] Re: Backups - was Removable HD.

  • From: Ted Cotton <tabcot@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: mswindowsxp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 26 Sep 2003 15:32:52 +1200

Hi, Jim.

Many thanks for the comprehensive answers to my question.  This is most
helpful to newcomers like me.

>   There are "two or more parts" to the Recycle Bin. ...  And the files
themselves don't move when they are
>   put in the recycle bin - they are just 'marked' for the recycle bin.....

 That explains a lot,

> up a lot of space would be a swap/page file.  WinXP will "extend" the
> swap to just about any drive it thinks it should.

Actually I am using WinXP... perhaps this may be the answer..

> the easiest way to figure out if the drive is
> actually full or not is to use the DETAILS option for View in
> My Computer.

Done that and it confirms that I have only 1.2 Gigs of free space.

>  The first thing I would  check is whether or not DETAILS reports
>  the drive's capacity as something near to 40GB.

My "D" drive is: 37.2 GB and my "C" drive is:  74.5 GB.

>   ***********************************************************
>   Here're my TRIED and TRUE Methods:
>   1) Organize all of "your stuff" into a special folder.  Do NOT
>      use My Documents for anything (viruses will look here first
>      for stuff they want to delete/damage).  Call it something
>      like TEDSTUFF.

 That makes sense. I would have to do a lot of reorganising. Could I just
rename the "My Documents" folder?
This folder contains My Music, My Pictures etc. The effort would be
worthwhile if it prevented a major virus attack, though.

> Within that folder put sub-folders that make
> sense to you and organize your data the way you want them.

 I've done all that already, but of course at the moment,  they're in "My

>  Backup the TEDSTUFF folder using a CD-R.  This has significant
>  advantages over a removable hard drive.

 I did mention that I'm a bit paranoid about backups. Actually, I do back up
my "My Documents"  folder to three CD-RWs already

What folders in the "Settings"  section should I backup to save all my
programme configs?

On the subject of CDRWs. I am using a brand called: "Imation" and they work
perfectly. I purchased another pack named: "Melody" and my system won't
recognise them. I have InCD (Ahead Nero) and tried to format them, but all
in vain. I finished up returning them to the shop. I find the standard
Melody CD-Rs work perfectly, though.

>   PLEASE NOTE - the backup system above does NOT cover eMail

I have moved my E-Mail folder to "My Documents" for easier backing up.

Kind Regards.


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